Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time does the waterpark open?
    1. The waterpark opens at 11:00am. The state park opens at 6:00am.
  2. Do you provide life jackets?
    1. Yes. They are provided free to every person playing on the waterpark and are required to be on for the duration of waterpark play.
  3. Can we reserve a space for a group of people?
    1. Not at this time. It’s first come, first serve.
  4. Can I reserve the waterpark and beach for a birthday party, fundraiser or event?
    1. Yes. Birthday parties, fundraisers or and events can be reserved for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Prices start at only $2,000. Call (951) 287-4990 for reservations.
  5. Can I buy waterpark tickets in advance?
    1. Not at this time.
  6. Do you sell snacks?
    1. Yes. Water, chips, sunscreen and other small items are available.
  7. Are dogs allowed?
    1. While dogs are not allowed in the lake or within 100 feet of the water, they are allowed on miles of trails including the bike trail that loops around the lake. Pets must be leashed and please clean up after them. Pets are also allowed in the campgrounds.
  8. Do you have boat rentals?
    1. No. The boat rental operation at Lake Perris is operated by Rocky Mountain Recreation Company, a completely separate company than ours.
      You can find addition information by calling the marina store at (951) 657-2179 or visiting:
  9. Can you swim outside the watermark area?
    1. Swimming outside the watermark area is not allowed per the state park. Lake Perris has two designated swim areas; Moreno Beach accessed through lots 9 &10 and Perris Beach that is accessed through lots 1 through 4. Lifeguards are on duty in those areas daily during the summer and on weekends in spring and fall.  We encourage all swimmers to swim in front of the Lifeguard and to swim parallel to the shoreline. There are changing rooms, showers and restrooms located behind towers 2 and 4.  There are picnic areas that are also near the beach.
  10. Can you SCUBA dive?
    1. SCUBA Diving is allowed at the swim beach at Lots 1-4.  Lake Perris Recreation does not rent SCUBA gear.
  11. How can I work at Lake Perris?
    1. You can complete an application here:–Perris