Lake Perris Waterpark

Looking for something exciting and unique to do this summer?

Get ready for a thrilling outdoor adventure at the Lake Perris Waterpark. Bring your friends and family! Come and experience our exciting new inflatable floating play structures. 

You and your friends can jump, play, and splash the day away at the new Lake Perris Waterpark located at Perris Beach. Your thrilling water adventure on the exciting inflatable floating structures features:

  • Giant Action Tower XXL with a matrix climbing wall. A challenging obstacle block in itself, the Action Tower will test your endurance through climbing, jumping, crawling, hanging and sliding activities. Promotes physical training, building teamwork, and even evaluates problem solving skills.
  • 14 foot King of the Mountain Ice Tower climbing wall. The massive Ice Tower will challenge even the most gifted climbers.
  • The Summit Express. A giant waterslide. Reach the peak and you’re rewarded with fun trip down.
  • A Giant Trampoline on the water. Jump as high as you can, make a somersault into the water or just chill on the net.
  • The Revolution. A very popular inflatable teeter totter. Who will stay on and who will fall into the water?
  • And much more!

Experience the Lake Perris Waterpark and make it a day you will always remember.

Rules & Regulations: 

1. All guests must wear life jackets – NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. No flips, diving, somersaults or jumping onto swimmers.

3. No eating, drinking or smoking.

4.Guests must be at least 48” tall.

5. Proper bathing attire only, no grommets or sharp objects of any kind.

6. Guests will stop activities when the lifeguard blows their whistle.

7. Ensure swimming area around all attractions is clear before jumping.

8. No pushing, hitting, kicking, shoving or horseplay of any kind is permitted.

9. Weather conditions may require closure of the water park.

10. Obey lifeguards at all times.

11. No intoxicated guests.

12. No swimming or hiding under any of the water structures.

13. No more than 100 people on the water park at a time and we rotate every 20 minutes when crowded.

14. Failure to follow rules or instuctions will result in suspension of water park privileges.

Rent 2 chairs, and 1 umbrella for $20/day. 

Hours of Operation: 

Learn about waterpark and state park hours here.

Waterpark Fee

Adults: $15
Kids: $10 for kids under 18 years old.
Smaller kids: $5 for ages seven (7) and under 48″.
Beach area without waterpark access: $5

A $10 gate fee will be collected by California State Parks upon entry to the park. Child must be 48 inches tall AND at least seven (7) years old to play on the structures. Adults welcomed. An expanded play area for children under 48 inches is available.